How brands can use the power of psychology triggers to influence consumer purchase decisions!

Humans have from an evolutional perspective pre-programmed minds and triggers that help us make quick decisions. In the fast-paced world of online marketing, marketers can benefit greatly by leveraging these triggers.

In his well-recognized book “Influence”, professor R.Cialdini presents hundreds of tactics of how to influence people. Generally, he categorizes them into these six groups:

– Reciprocity – To repay the kindness
– Commitment – The desire to be consistent in our actions
– Authority – People tend to follow authority figures
– Social proof – Our inherited herd behavior (we follow others)
– Scarcity – Limited availability appears more valuable
– Liking – we prefer to say yes to people we like

Naturally, these built-in triggers can be used successfully in digital sales, but what does it mean specifically in terms of ad content for e-commerce marketers?

– Social Proof – user reviews
– Authority – expert reviews
– Scarcity – limited periods like Black Friday or discounts
– Liking – influencers

So, instead of trying to find your own way into the mind of consumers, maximize your effort on these well-known triggers and for sure your sales will increase.