Amazon launches in Sweden – immediate impact for e-tailers?

When Amazon e-commerce goes live in Sweden, how will it affect the landscape?

As Amazon offers a massive portfolio (webshop, subscription services, logistics, entertainment, marketing, and AWS), the launch will change everything. What are the impacts for e-tailers?

Amazon a Digital Marketing Beast:
– All the tools that you have in your digital marketing toolbox – Amazon has them too and more
– Increased competition and prices on all online advertising
– Amazon offers Brands their own retargeting tools (note: Amazon marketing not available at launch)

Decrease margins and increase competition:
– Other markets show decreased margins ~15%
– Largest impact on generalists’ product portfolios and in low/med segment

How can retailers strengthen their position, based on new market conditions?
– Improve cooperation and visibility for Brands increase Brands’ willingness to spend more in your channel
– Decrease your CAC by providing an additional Brand marketing layer
– Ensure your own Brand is strengthened, as brand awareness reinforce your position

Cooperative remarketing for Brands help e-tailers to enable their Brand partners to educate, influence and convert product visitors in a controlled and optimal way.