What if you as a Brand had Zlatan, as your super-effective goal scorer in each digital channel?

If we compare football with e-commerce structure, what would e-com look like? Altogether, a team has to invest in many different activities to achieve a maximized effect in every match and season.

In e-com industry;
  • Brands manufacture the products, build the brand through marketing
  • Retailers sell the products as effectively as possible.

E-com translated to football;
i) The Brand represents the arena, goalkeeper, defense and part of the midfield.
ii) Retailer would represent the offensive mid and forwards.

In e-com the Brand can’t really influence the team’s scoring, since it’s controlled by the retailers. Still, Brands are taking most of the costs.

1st shot at goal can be represented by a product page-view in e-com. In fact, more than 50% of the goals in football are made on returns. In e-com, only 1% percent of the conversions happens on the first visit (1st shot). The “returns” can be represented by retargeting, controlled by the retailer. But how can a brand ensure that all consumers are effectively retargeted?

Through cooperative remarketing, a Brand ensures they have a Zlatan in the team so that all returns are properly taken care of for each channel and product.